0. Introduction

N.B: Every part of these rules may be modified before the start of the championship.

The eSport Endurance Series is an Endurance Championship by e-RacingSeries.com featuring 3 different classes: LMP1, LMP2 and LMGTE.
Races will be held every 4 weeks on Saturday afternoons. Full calendar is available below.
There will be prizes for every category for a total amount of 480€. Sign up fee is 6€ per driver. Reserve drivers will pay only 4€. Both fees refer to drivers with bronze membership. Silver, Gold and Diamond members will be able to join the championship with no additional costs

1. Drivers and Swap Rules 

  • 1.1 A maximum of 3 drivers (+1 reserve) are allowed per every entry.  
  • 1.2 A minimum of 1 driver swap during the races is mandatory. Driver swap must be done in the pitlane following the procedure explained by Race Direction.
  • 1.3 During every Driver Swap is mandatory to change every tyre 
  • 1.4 A driver can’t drive more than 70 % of the race.  
  • 1.5 Only one driver will be able to qualify the car.
  • 1.6 Only the driver who qualifies the car can start the race.
  • 1.7 During the season it will be possible to modify no more than 3 times drivers’ lineup for each car. Staff may allow more in some cases.
  • 1.8 Every driver has to complete at least 30 valid laps on the race server in order to get access to the race.
  • 1.9 A minimum of License 4 is required to race in our championship (see Licenses section below).

2. Skins

  • 2.1 Every Team can prepare his own skin

3. Qualifying

  • 3.1 Qualifying will be divided in 3 sessions for 60 minutes in total.
  • 3.2 First session will feature LMGTE for 15 minutes.
  • 3.3 Second session will feature LMP2 for 15 minutes
  • 3.4 Third Session will feature LMP1 for 15 minutes

4. Full Course Yellow

  • 4.1 Race Direction may call for a Full Course Yellow if necessary. FCY will be called for situations in which there is a danger on track which requires time to be cleared. In that case Race Direction will start a countdown and by the ending of it drivers already be at Pit Limiter speed. Drivers have to make sure to slow down safely already during the countdown in order to not stop suddenly as this may cause more danger on track.
  • 4.2 If these conditions are not met, but there may be some minor danger on track instead of calling a FCY, Race Direction may warn drivers about slow cars or debris on track.
  • 4.3 During FCY period overtaking is not allowed.
  • 4.4 Full Course Yellow will be called via whisper on TeamSpeak.
  • 4.5 Drivers or Team Managers are not allowed to disturb Race Direction to call for a FCY, but they still may want to tell Race Direction about dangers on track.
  • 4.6 FCY will end with another countdown from the Race Direction once danger is cleared. At the end of the countdown “Green Flag” will be called and drivers will come back to racing speed.
  • 4.7 Pitting under FCY is allowed.

5. Lapping

  • 5.1 There is not a class more important than the other two, every class is doing their own race and the slower ones don’t have to give way.
  • 5.2 In 90 % of the incidents the faster class will probably be responsible for it, since it has to find the right place and the right moment to lap.
  • 5.3 This doesn’t mean that slower classes have the right to do whatever they want. When the lapped car is starting to brake, if the lapping car has its front tyres lined with the back of the lapped car, slower class will have to behave like in a normal overtake, meaning that it can’t move under braking nor close the door completely.
  • 5.4 Generally speaking the best spots to lap other classes are straights or corner exits.
  • 5.5 Only time blue flags are applied is when both the lapping and lapped cars are racing in the same category. In this case the lapped driver has to give way as soon as he can.

6. Points and Standings

  • 6.1 Every class will have its own standings for teams.
  • 6.2 Points will be awarded following this scheme:
1st25 pts
2nd18 pts
3rd15 pts
4th12 pts
5th10 pts
6th8 pts
7th6 pts
8th4 pts
9th2 pts
10th1 pts
11th and beyond0.5 pts
  • 6.3 To get points a car needs to complete at least 75 % of the race.

7. Licenses

  • License PRO: reserved forthe cleanest drivers in multiclass racing.
  • License PRO-AM: reserved for drivers who proved in our championship that they can drive safely in multiclass racing.
  • License AM: Reserved for drivers who just registered to our championship.
  • License D – On Trial: This License is a sort of “last chance”: if you lose all points your license will be suspended until the end of the season.

Every driver who just got into our championship through invite for their activity in the past on e-racingseries.com or by subscribing to the championship will be classified as License Am with 5 points.  Every license has 7 points. When the driver gets promoted he starts from 5 points in the new license. (e.g once a driver gets promoted from License Am he will not have 1 points in License Pro-Am, but 5. This is done to avoid the immediate loss of license due to a penalty). Same thing happens when the driver gets demoted meaning that, for example, he will go from License Am – 0 points to License D – 5 points. Every time a driver completes a race cleanly (at least 30 % of the race) he gains +0.5 points.  Longer races will guarantee more points. (+0.7 points for 6 hours)For points loss see the “Penalties” section below. If a driver gets his license suspended he will be banned from multiclass racing for the current season. In the following season he will be able to race again, but only in LMGTE until he can prove us that he can stay on track with other classes and is ready to step up to a higher category. If a driver gets his license revoked he will be banned from multiclass racing for a longer period than 1 season.

8. Penalties*

*Following list with license points losses is in addition to the penalties assigned by Race Direction after the race.

Track extending and cutsControlled by the game
Light contact with another car-0.5
Go over the pit exit white line (screenshot below)-0.2
Message in the server chat with no permission-0.2
Ignoring Blue Flags-1
Moving under braking no contact / with contact-0.5/-1
Reverse in pitlane no contact / with contact-1/-1.5
Causing a collision (same car class)-1
Rejoining the track dangerously no contact / with contact-1/-2
Ignoring a FCY-1.5 or more
Causing a collision (different car class)-2
Pressing esc & coming back on track (Qualifying)-0.5
Unsportsmanlike actions
-4 (up to license suspension/revoke)

9. Calendar

2H of Monza – PrologueSaturday 15/09/2018  16:00 CEST
3H of SilverstoneSabato 13/10/2018  16:00 CEST
4H of SPA-FrancorchampsSaturday 10/11/2018  16:00 CEST
3H of FujiSaturday 22/12/2018  16:00 CEST
3H of SuzukaSaturday 26/01/2019 16:00 CEST
3H of SepangSaturday 16/02/2019  16:00 CEST
6H of SebringSaturday 30/03/2019  16:00 CEST
3H of COTASaturday 27/04/2019  16:00 CEST
3H of DubaiSaturday 25/05/2019 16:00 CEST
6H of Le MansSaturday 15(Qualify) 22(Race)/06/2019 16:00 CEST